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Drakensang Online Bug

As you maybe know that I posted what i tought about the MMORPG Drakensang Online.
So after quite few hours of playing Drakensang Online i came across a bug that’s really annoying to get but really easy to fix.

So right about 10 PM while going through the dungeon Grimmagstone i was done with the dungeon and was just about to go back through the-
dungeon entrance i was stoped by a object name and code and arrow that wouldn’t follow the command of my mouse :/

So here is a picture of the bug šŸ˜€
And yup my character name Razora



Minecraft is created by Markus Persson a game constructor from Sweden, and now it being developed by his own company since 2009, Mojang.

The game is focused on creativity and building, allowing people to make their own never-ending 3D world with unlimited of resource.
But that’s only with the classic and beta version, so when they are going to release the full version is going contain voice acting, NPC, character customisation, quests and much more, which pretty much charmed in fans and ended up with 2 million of pre-orders.

Some of the things that impresses me is that this game is made in just Java and 8-bit, cause first I thought it was made in a program like RPG-maker.
I recommend this to Sims fans and control freeks šŸ˜›

This post kind of short, but the next post will be about final fantasy or Bulletstorm.

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a MMORPG made by the german Radon Labs

The first game of the serve came in 2006 and got an award for “Best RPG 2008”, “best story” and ” best soundtrack” at the German Developer Awards.
Some people loved it because the environment, gameplay, soundtrack, how they move, graphics and story, and some hated the game because it wasn’t an online game, and there were pretty few that didn’t like the game.
Drakensang: The Dark Eye reminds me of Dragon Age 1/2 or quite the opposite for you people, you know with the strategy you can set up for attacks, three-man crew and a beautiful story that motivates you to go through the whole game.

But now Radon Labs are going to release Drakensang Online which got people pretty excited and so people started to register for the beta version, and I was one of them.
And that’s why im going to write about this game as my first online gaming post. I just tried the beta version today and I was quite impressed because all the free online games usually comes as let down for me. Drakensang Online reminds me of Diablo 1/2, not because of the story but about how the control is, the camera view and some of the skills.
And once again Radon Labs impresses with their graphic, but now it’s on the browser! It have many features Ā and move will be coming, you can play it like on a little like Runescape and you change it to full screen, the buttons is really easy to learn.
I will come out with guides and tips if some of you sends a request.

I really recommend this to all Diablo and Dragon Age 2 fans.

Hello world!

Hello world!

This is my first post and would use it to introduce myself.

I’m a sixteen years old boy from Norway, and been playing since i was 4,

so that makes it that I’ve been playing in 12 years now.

And I’ve been playing all kind of games, MMO, MMORPG, MMOFPS, racing and sports.

MyĀ favourite that gives a meaning to me and that givesĀ me tears every time i play it is Kingdom hearts 1/2.

For me graphic has a littleĀ meaning, i care about the gameplay, game style and how they builds up the story of the game.

But of course i like games that dousn’t has a big story like the shooting games CoD:WaW, MW, Mw and Medal of Honor.

And trough this game blogg I will write about tactics, guide and rating about the game I give to.